Project Management

DAY CPM team members are thorough, conscientious managers.
We think big yet focus on detail. We create master budgets and schedules. We monitor the interrelated work of the design and construction teams and coordinate the multiple concurrent tasks involved in complex projects.

At the project’s onset, DAY CPM establishes management protocols and communication channels to keep all parties accountable and connected.
We customize an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach and incorporate LEAN® Construction principles into our projects and tailor them to meet each client’s unique needs. We set up communication tools such as web-based information-sharing platforms, web-based conferences and secured website portals so all project stakeholders stay abreast of budget, progress and deliverables.

DAY CPM project managers are steadfast observers.
We carefully document progress and continually review designs, schedules and plans to ensure constructability. Our years of on-the-ground project management allow us to stay ahead of the process and identify opportunities to keep tasks on schedule and within budget. Similarly, because our client’s projects are complex with a host of specific needs, DAY CPM staff can anticipate when to augment the team with additional talent. We know specialized consultants and can tap into their expertise whenever necessary.

Understanding & limiting a project’s environmental impact is a key goal.
DAY CPM often works on projects that incorporate sustainable features, many of which have achieved LEED® certification (Silver, Gold and Platinum) as well as the Energy Star® rating. We guide our clients to incorporate green building practices from conception, programming, design, construction and the completed project’s operating system.

DAY’s contribution on this project has been vital to the coordination of a complex structure of specialized environmental consultants, numerous design consultants and a myriad of construction contractors. I credit the contribution of DAY CPM for the capable management of this extraordinarily challenging project. – Jim Lewis, Principal gLAs Architects