DAY CPM clients often complement our leadership capabilities.
At DAY CPM, we recognize that managing a project from pre-design to post-completion requires preeminent team building, communication and coordination skills. We combine in-the-trenches project management savvy and construction know-how with a sensible, solutions-minded approach to build teams and bring out the best in everyone.

It’s DAY CPM’s comprehensive knowledge of construction and finance as well as our people skills that allow us to lead successful teams.
We know communication is paramount. At DAY CPM, we set up communication channels straightaway. We take advantage of web-based tools to set up file-sharing and conference call protocol. DAY CPM associates become the communications “glue” among team members. We are the people whom contractors, subs, vendors, designers, and others go to in order to keep the project moving towards success.

Our leadership skills stem from our experience and knowledge.
We have worked on a wide range of health-related, education-focused and civic-minded construction projects. Our extensive experience helps articulate project objectives and provides needed oversight. We can identify potential challenges and find solutions before things go awry.

Mike Day has done an outstanding job of leading the architectural and construction teams in both a collaborative and professional manner. DAY CPM’s management style works seamlessly with our District’s mission. – Mark Button, Manager, Facilities & Grounds and Bond Project, Medford School District