DAY CPM served as Project Manager for the renovation of Multnomah County’s Justice Center. In addition to including courts and commercial retail businesses, the 16-story Justice Center houses male inmates (including maximum security) as well as state, county and city staff. Because the Justice Center remained fully operational during renovations, DAY CPM orchestrated complete “invisibility” of construction activities so that the multiple users of the building were minimally disrupted.To accomplish such a feat, DAY CPM managers coordinated scheduling and served as the communications interface between the general contractor and all building occupants – including the sheriff’s office, jail operations, courts, district attorney’s office, and community justice personnel. The close oversight and continual communications helped smooth the staging for this intricate project and yielded substantial discoveries and savings. The renovation focused on improving the operations and safety of the prisoner handling and surveillance systems as well as upgrades to fire detection, notification and annunciation equipment. All of the systems remained “live” during the two years of phased construction.

Client: Multnomah County
Location: Portland, OR
Project Budget: $5.4 Million
Completion: June 2006

Justice & Corrections