Aquarium Science Building

For Oregon Coast Community College, DAY CPM provided full-service Owner’s Representation for its new 9,200 square foot Aquarium Science building that serves both as a teaching facility and public aquarium.

Essential components within the facility include: an animal holding laboratory (the largest single room), a live culture room for growing live organisms to feed to other animals, a food preparation room for diet preparation, and a water quality/animal health laboratory to test water and physically examine fish. The facility also contains a wet lab/instructional room, a study area and a life support system room. A high degree of flexibility was designed and built into the facility to allow the students to care for freshwater and marine species that live in either cold or warm water.

The Aquarium Science building provides a valuable center for students of aquatic animal husbandry to gain knowledge and hands-on skills for occupations in public aquariums, aquaculture ventures, ornamental fish enterprises, fish hatcheries, or research facilities.

Client: Oregon Coast Community College
Location: Newport, OR
Project Size: 92,000 SF
Project Budget: $2.8 Million
Completion: June 2011